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Punta Cana has so much to offer, and after digging through countless reviews, I have my top 10 things to do in Punta Cana. I ended up on the top 10 list because I gave every attraction the credit it deserved for its popularity and grandeur, but it's up to you to vote for me.

Coco Bongo takes entertainment to a whole new level, so you won't find any of the other attractions listed above.

To cross the lagoon, board a large wooden raft and get into a small boat to swim in the gloriously crystal clear waters. SNUBA is a great way to explore the seabed with a 20 foot oxygen hose, which is cool because you can choose the depth you want to swim at. After crossing the lagoons we climbed on a bigger wooden boat and swam on it, while the captain pulled our small vehicle out of the water by pulley and pulled it into the water.

The October heat in Santo Domingo was so intense that we spent the late afternoon in the hotel pool and sunbathing. Finally, there were a few things to do in Santa Fe, but not as many as we had hoped.

To get there, board a boat known as El Fieston and sail down the river with an open bar and snacks on board while dancing to the rhythm of local music.

After lunch, the catamaran Cayo Levantado invites you back to the island of Macao for a relaxing meal and drink. Later you will head to the beach for a refreshing dip and enjoy an authentic and delicious Dominican lunch in the style of the time while you whet your appetite. Finally, stop at the majestic "Macao Beach," where you can let off steam on its pristine, pristine coastline, then enjoy your typical Dominican lunch on the beach with a visit to its lovely beachfront restaurant. You can go to this reserve from sunrise to sunset and then drive back to your hotel for dinner.

You will then board a sailboat that will take you to a wonderfully calm coastline and you can enjoy a great lunch while donning your snorkeling gear to explore the beautiful waters and surroundings. The transfer from Samana to the airport is by safari truck, which will take you through the mountainous terrain of the peninsula to experience Dominican culture from your hotel. On the island you can play volleyball, visit the open bar and enjoy an authentic Dominican lunch.

The action-packed tour continues to the top of the mountain where you will enjoy the silence and breathtaking views while zipping through the mountains. From the flat top of the mountain, take the Puerto Plata cable car (also known as teleferico) and get on and off. When you are young, you can sit in the passenger seat and race through the mountains at speeds of up to 100 km / h. There is a boat that will take you from Samana to Santo Domingo and back in less than an hour.

A major product of the Dominican Republic is coffee, which is locally known as smooth, complex, medium and full-bodied. Shops in Santo Domingo offer a wide selection of coffees, such as coffee beans, espresso, tea, chocolate, coffee mocha and much more. As a good place to practice bachata or merengue, you should check out Ojo, the last nightclub in the line-up - up.

While you have to visit the Cibao and Barahona cultivation areas to see the coffee fields, you can sip delicious Java in one of the many cafes in Santo Domingo. While you can enjoy local delicacies and empanadas in many places, try the traditional cafeteria - lunch at Tour de Cienfuegos, a popular restaurant in the city. Use a taxi or Uber to do other activities in and around Santos Domeo's historic center, or grab a free Ultimate Travel Plan Kit that includes a trip to the Dominican Republic, free flights, hotel accommodations and more.

I booked this trip as a surprise for me and my husband on our honeymoon and it was so informative and fun. I forgot some nice pictures, but I recommend this trip to anyone who is new to the island and wants to see the sights, go out and enjoy an adventure - a day in paradise full of life.

We flew to Santo Domingo and spent a total of 4 hours on a slow-moving catamaran, travelling around the island, from island to island and back again. If the adventurer in your heart ever forgets the curious and you yearn for a more authentic Dominican experience, this should be at the top of your list. You can do this along the southwest coast of the Dominican Republic, including the city of San Juan, the capital of the country, as well as several other cities and municipalities.

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