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Viva Wyndham Resorts today announced the reopening of its Dominicus Beach Hotel in the Dominican Republic and revealed plans for a number of other hotels in its portfolio in preparation for future reopenings. The Viva - Wy second hotel in Dominica and the first in Puerto Rico The VIVA - WiedhamDominicus Beach Hotel is the latest member of the company's portfolio on the island of Dominican Republic. With the opening of the new hotel on Dominico Beach in January 2016, we have completed the final details of our first hotel, which will be reopened in 2017.

The Viva - Wyndham Dominicus Palace also features a full-service spa for various rejuvenation treatments, and guests can use the facilities of VIVA - WiedhamDominicus Beach free of charge during their stay, including on-site testing. In March, Planet Hollywood Beach Resortfree will also offer free medical assistance to reimburse selected medical expenses related to Covid and 19 other illnesses. As the resort is located right on the beach, you have access to the bars and pool at this resort as it is the only one of its kind in Puerto Rico.

The Viva - Wyndham Dominicus Palace, a certified bubble resort in Puerto Rico, offers guests up to 100 rooms. The hotel, which is managed by the same management team as Planet Hollywood Beach Resortfree, also offers free anti-aging testing in all of its hotels and resorts during the first week of March.

At Dominicus Place at Viva - Wyndham, guests can enjoy dining options including Asian, Caribbean and Italian. The all-inclusive resort offers a variety of dishes in three different restaurants, and guests of VIVA - Wiedham Tangerine will have a hearty appetite and an excellent gastronomic offer. To satisfy the most demanding palate, the all-inclusive resorts offer a wide variety of dishes that offer a subtle blend of Creole and international cuisine. In addition to the three restaurants in the main building of the hotel, you must also bring your hearty appetite, because all hotels offer a variety of dishes in their restaurants.

Viva - Wyndham Resorts has implemented the COVID 19 Response Plan to ensure health, hygiene and safety standards and will implement it at all resorts, using health and hygiene standards to protect guests, visitors and employees. Viva The second-class hotels in the Playa Hotels and Resort collection, including the VIVA - Wiedham Tangerine, the all-inclusive resort on Dominicus Place, offer a wide range of dining options and an excellent gastronomic offer for guests staying for at least three nights. As part of the response to the recent disaster in Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic, Viva and WyNDhamresorts will implement a CO VID-19 response plan before reopening their resorts and ensuring health, hygiene and safety standards.

The Viva - Wyndham Fortuna Beach in Freeport on the island of Grand Bahama has been rebuilt and the restaurant on site has been modified. The second-class hotel in the Playa Hotels and Resort collection, the VIVA - Wiedham Tangerine, which opened in 2013 as the first - and only - in-clusive resort on Dominicus Place, is also being renovated to open in time for the grand reopening in 2016. In addition, the second and third class hotels offer Viva - Viedam WyNDham La Romana and Vivia - Tundra renovate rooms, common areas, pools and restaurants, and both are located near Playacar, Mexico. All Viva and Wy NDham Dominica Palace will also be renovated, including the hotel's restaurant and entertainment facilities, lobby and lobby area.

The Viva - Wyndham Fortuna Beach has 274 rooms, including 1,000 square feet of common space, and has redesigned its guest rooms. The resort now has four pools, including a new infinity pool with seawater and views of the beach and Caribbean Sea. Parents and children can enjoy daily supervised activities such as the Kids Club, where children from 4 to 12 years of age can participate in a variety of activities, from swimming, diving, snorkeling, kayaking and diving.

Graduates can do this by taking a Carro Publico to Puerto Plata or gogo to circle Bonita Playa with the Viva - Wyndham Fortuna Beach Resort and Spa.

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The accommodation business of the Wyndham Hotel Group includes a number of hotels located in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South America and the Caribbean. United Country Hotels and Motels is a division of United Country that specializes in hotel management, real estate management and real estate brokerage services. We help with the purchase, sale and management of motel hotels and are known for 15 hotels under our brand name, including the world's largest hotel chain with more than 7,200 hotels in 66 countries. Through its subsidiaries and subsidiaries, the second largest hotel chain in North America and Europe, the Wynham Hotel Group is responsible for the development and management of the most popular hotel brands and brands in Canada and South Africa, as well as in Australia.

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